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Worksite Wednesday

It’s Wednesday on EP we have been learning about the 99. And getting closer to the family we are helping. Tonights theme is God equips us and I can’t wait for Jacks’s epic talk.

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Morning Musings

The following is a smattering of quotes of people around the breakfast line.

“Do you have a quote for the blog” – Kevin

Hi mom! We are good here, tomorrow is the last day building. – Liora

That’s hard because I want to sound elegant…who’s that girl is she a foreigner? She’s too smart to be a foreigner! – Camilla

Ummmmm wait no nooooo I’m thinking what to say bro. I know what to say, ummm mom when we get home I’m going to sleep for three days straight. I also need 12 boxes of ear plugs for next EP #DontSnore -Ricky

My turn? Oh yeah? HA dad! We are going to finish the house on Wednesday! But we won’t cuz it’s raining. High quality oatmeal here at EP today. My dad is the best! – Naomi

What am I supposed to say? Cool. It’s stressful being a Forman. God is good. – Ben G

A quote for what? Oh. I don’t know. I literally just said that I didn’t expect it to rain in the morning <milk splashes out of bowl on to the grounds>I can’t eat cereal with my left hand. It’s not a good time cuz I just woke up and I don’t know what to say. – Jake M

A quote? Uhh I guess. You just want me to…I don’t know..I thought you meant where I sit down and write something. I think that’s good it will cover it. – Jack Payne, Back Payne

Sure. That’s it? I’m freezing cold but I’m ready to work. There you go. – Emily K

Can I have time to think? Umm no. This year we’ve been very productive and it’s been very fun on the worksite. For now. – Abbie

Let me do one. Umm did you just write umm? What are you putting? Ok wait. I’m very confused I don’t know what to say. Ok youth leader and student leader moment. Ok work. Ok go off. – Angela

Kevin. Put me down for “I love rake walls” – Tony

A quote? No. A quote for the blog? Umm. No he’s not. I’m thinking. Angela are you awake? I think you were sleep walking. <Angela denies sleep walking> -Sophie

Go off. Ok. Oh wait, wait what should I say? Kevin I need to think…currently it’s raining and that’s kind of a bad time. Go off. The pastors talk last night was so good. – Harmony

Everything was going good until Kevin showed up and he’s been here the whole time…put that down. Bro he probably changed it. He probably changed the whole thing. We miss Ahow17. Nah that’s it. – Gonzo

I don’t know if I have anything oh wow. I want that to be my quote – Sarah P

I don’t know. What are you writing kevin? What are you writing. I see your just writing down what I’m saying. <shrugs casually> I don’t know I think he’s just writing down everything I’m saying. -Kendal

Ummm I don’t have one ready but. Working hard? Or hardly working? -Kaydee and Kaycee

Trying to stay dry on this fantastic Wednesday morning in Tecate. Thank you for the prayers and we apologize for a late start to the blog. Both houses are set up to be finished ahead of schedule. Everyone is in good spirits despite the rain this morning, please pray the rain let’s up. -Kevin

More posts to come…

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E.P 2019 The 99

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Our Journey so Far…

Hello! My name is Emily Milam, and this is my third year at Easter Project. So far this trip has been super fun, even though nothing too crazy happened. Thankfully. The houses are coming together really well, and we all have been learning lots and making new friends. Easter Project brings us all together in a great way, and new connections are made. So far this trip has been another amazing experience for me and I’m glad I get to share it with everyone.

– Emily Milam 🙂

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How He Loves Us

We are at In-n-out right now and it’s really nice to use a sink with warm water but I already miss the campsite a lot. I have been feeling a little sick the last few days but I still don’t think I’m ready to go home, even though my own bed sounds really nice. Last night our last song in worship closed out the week really well and I felt connected to everyone singing and listening. I had a great trip and am grateful for everyone who contributed to it. I truly feel closer to everyone who came on the trip and I know memories from this trip will stay with us for a very long time.


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In n Out

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Coming Home

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A week well spent

I came to Easter project for the first time a little nervous and apprehensive as for what’s to come. I didn’t know what to expect but the week is over now and I’ve experienced something that no one could be able to comprehend without being here. I wasn’t very good at many of the tasks on the worksite but the foremen were very patient and encouraging and I learned more than I could of imagined. The week felt surreal and I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the fact that we were building someone’s home and by taking one week out of our lives we were drastically changing there’s. On the last day of building when we met some of the family members that were going to be receiving the house I felt as though I gained clarity and I was overcome with a sense of peace and understanding . Being aside from the noise and distractions has brought me closer to and helped me to understand God and his teachings. I hope that I can forever remember the lessons I learned and the appreciation I felt because this trip has put things into perspective and irreversibly changed my outlook.

Sammy Schmidt

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Thursday Pictures 2

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